For Staff

Below is a listing of who you might need to contact for support:


Accounts Payable Diana Summers
Contracts Diana Summers
Employee Handbook  
Employee Forms Website
Employee Benefits Shannan Eagen
Human Resources Diana Summers or Shannan Eagen
Payroll Shannan Eagen
Direct Deposit Shannan Eagen
Salary Schedule Website
Reimbursements Diana Summers


Accounts and Passwords

Computer Logins Tech
Follett Destiny Julie Rodell or Sherry McGhay
Google Apps Tech
PowerSchool Dana Roe or Dana Buttz
Renaissance Learning Julie Rodell
Wordpress Angela Maciel


Curriculum Resources and Support

Build Your Own Curriculum Rebecca Henshaw or Kathy Miller
Ebsco Julie Rodell or Sherry McGhay
Google Apps Angela Maciel
Instructional Technology Angela Maciel
Renaissance Learning Julie Rodell
Teacher Websites Angela Maciel


Computer and Network Support

Computer Hardware

Submit a Help Ticket
Computer Software  
Internet Connections Submit a Help Ticket
Network Drives/ Home folders Submit a Help Ticket
Tablets Ace Powell
Adding apps to tablets Submit a App Request



Send an article to website       Stacy Shipman
Posting to Facebook or Twitter Stacy Shipman
Calendar Events Dana Roe



Professional Development Committee