935 Washington Street
      Weston, MO  64098
      P: 816-640-2292
      F: 816-386-2293

Principal: Vincent Matlick
Vice Principal: Ryan Ramey
Admin. Assist.: Dana Roe
Admin. Assist.: Vanessa Nower

West Platte High School

The West Platte High School program enables students to pursue the intellectual, ethical, and physical elements of well-rounded education. We understand these elements to include: the ability to be truthful and accurate as a reader and a writer, a desire to nurture curiosity, mindfulness that is critical and judicious, being accessible to the ideas of others, willingness to self-advocate, and a commitment of respect to self and others.

The strength of West Platte High School lies in the full realization of our school mission - the conversation between student and teacher is the heart of the student’s experience. Exploration of one’s place and responsibilities in a global community as well as our unique West Platte community is the foundation of the curriculum, and we take full advantage of the resources at hand. Internships, field trips, and physical education class are just some of the ways in which we allow students to expand their experience beyond school walls.

The Junior High program is designed to carry out West Platte’s mission by helping young people in grades 7-8 acquire knowledge and skills through conversation, discovery, and deep understanding. We strive to inspire, in each student, a love of learning, self-knowledge, and meaningful community membership.

During the junior high years, students experience rapid growth intellectually, emotionally, and physically, and gradually take ownership of the learning process, build relationships, and come to appreciate their own individuality as they prepare to take on the challenges of high school. Although the Junior High’s academic program is rigorous, our great expectations are fully aligned with the developmental capacities of our young students and fully supported by the close work and passion of our highly trained and experienced faculty.

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