Parsons Sixth Grade Giving Project Huge Success!

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Ms. Parsons’ sixth grade class would like to take this time to thank the West Platte Elementary students, parents and staff for their amazing support with the 2016 “Giving Project”! Ms. Parsons’ class finished their annual “Giving Project” on December 22nd and Ms. Parsons was able to deliver all of the donations that were collected for the charities over winter break.

What started as a small “Giving Basket” in hopes of collecting 25 items from every elementary classroom turned into an enormous showing of love and support for those who needed it most during the holidays. The sixth grade had a goal of collecting 525 items and after the 25 days leading up to winter break West Platte had collected over 1000 items totaling nearly 800 pounds worth of goods sent to the charities. This year because of the kind hearts here at West Platte Ms. Parsons’ had to make four separate trips because there were so many donations; of course, this was a true blessing to Ms. Parsons’ and the sixth grade.

When all of the donations were delivered to Harvesters, Salvation Army, Leavenworth Veterans Hospital and the KC Pet Project each organization was so appreciative and thankful for what everyone had done. Ms. Parsons and her sixth grade class would also like to personally thank each and every one of you for your amazing and unconditional support. Each year Ms. Parsons’ talks about how wonderful the community of Weston is and how that is shown each and every day by the wonderful people who live here. Once again this year you did not disappoint and you truly made a lasting impression on why it is so great to be a Blue Jay! May 2017 be a fantastic year!

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Sixth Grade Teachers

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Jared McMahon
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Jennifer Parsons
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