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We offer education and support for families with children
prenatally through kindergarten age in our district. 

We base the Parents as Teachers program on two important concepts:

Parents are their child’s first and most influential teacher.

Experiences in the first years of a child’s life are key to future success in school and life.

P.A.T. is offered at no cost to all families in the West Platte School District.

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Certified educator, trained in child development, to help you understand each stage of your child’s development and offer practical tips on ways to encourage learning.

These programs join families together to participate in child development presentations and family building activities throughout the year.

P.A.T. helps families link with extra services, if needed and wanted, that go beyond the program.

Children in the program receive screenings throughout the year to check overall development, language, hearing and vision. Early detection of potential problems prevents later difficulties in school. We also offer screenings in the spring for children of preschool and kindergarten age as preparation for the school experience.

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