West Platte's Coronavirus Planning Timeline

West Platte's Coronavirus Planning Timeline
Posted on 03/17/2020

As most of you already know the Platte County Health Department has ordered all schools in the county closed through April 3, 2020.

Following is a rough timeline of steps we will take in the coming days.  Please understand no part of this is set in stone, as events tend to out run any sort of planning.  This likely can and will change, perhaps dramatically, as events unfold.

The rest of this week (March 18-20) will be devoted to allowing our custodial crew to perform a thorough clean of the buildings.  Only custodial and administrative personnel will be in the buildings the rest of this week, with one notable exception.

Thursday, March 19, the elementary gym will host a blood drive.  This seemed important enough to the community to allow for this exception.

When the building has been thoroughly cleaned, teachers will start to come back early next week.  Our dedicated staff will begin (and some have already) to construct lessons suitable for distance learning.

This will take some discussion among administration and staff as there are many questions yet to be answered.  Grading versus completion, student internet access, guidance from the state education department, how to answer student questions, and other logistical concerns will have to be worked out.  We obviously want students to continue learning, but with minimal stress to the student and family. This may require several days to find suitable answers to these and other questions.

We are working closely with our food service company to provide student meals throughout our closure.  Please understand school food service is governed by very specific state and federal guidelines which must be followed.  We hope to resume food service for those interested beginning next week.

This is not an ideal educational situation, but given the extraordinary challenges we all face, it is understandable why unprecedented measures have been taken.  We have a strong, resilient, and creative school system backed by a strong community. We will continue to work to provide the best education we can given this new set of challenges.  It may be bumpy, but if we keep the important things in mind--the growth and welfare of our kids chief among them--we will emerge from these incredible events a stronger school.

A reminder, only certain personnel will be in school the rest of the week.  If you need to communicate with us please utilize email for the remainder of the week.  Addresses are on the website. Thank you for your patience during this ongoing situation.  Please stay safe.