Facility Use

School District facilities are available for community use when facilities are not required for instructional or administration purposes. Use of District facilities is subject to approval of the community group's application and is subject to conditions established by the Board of Education as set forth in administrative regulations. 


Liability Insurance

Groups reserving space for special events are required to submit a copy of their group's liability insurance naming the school district as an "extra insured," or to apply for Special Events Coverage through the district's insurance carrier, MUSIC.  Applications for special events coverage must be completed online by visiting www.musicprogram.org.  A link to the application can be found clicking HERE.  Groups are able to receive a quote and pay by check or credit card online.  Once paid, the group will receive an email confirming coverage that must be forwarded to the district prior to the scheduled event to prove that coverage has been obtained.

Contact Information

Mike Larison
Mike Larison
Director of Maintenance
816-640-2236 x1108
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