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Director of Technology
1103 Washington Street
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1103 Washington Street


I am very fortunate to be here at West Platte, and am excited how the year is going so far!

I have worked in educational K-12 IT since 2004, and still am amazed by how much technology continuously changes within a school district. In the summer of 2015, I achieved my goal of graduating with an MBA in Information Technology Management. This course of study helped to grow not only my leadership skills as well as project management skills, but also helped me learn how to effectively be a team leader.

Here at West Platte, working with the wonderful team we have allows me to direct and manage the technology department in line with the district's strategic plan. We assist students and staff with technology and ensure all network services are always available. Also along these lines, we ensure our SIS is consistently available to our parents, students and teachers.

The team I lead supports West Platte School District’s 600 students, staff and faculty that work within our district’s 120,000 sq. ft. of facilities sitting on 27 acres, which are situated across three buildings. Many of our systems include about 60 iOS devices, nearly 600 Chromebooks, over 500 PC’s and Macs, 15 network laser printers, 130 WiFi access points and bridges, 105 digital, IP and smart-phones, around 90 IP cameras and secure entries, more than 75 interactive whiteboards, nearly 1 mile of glass fiber, nearly 30 high-density switches-routers, more than 150,000 feet of CAT6 cable across more than 600 drops, and 15-terabytes of SAN capacity.

District Office
1103 Washington Street
Weston, MO  64098
P:  816-640-2236
F:  816-386-2104

District Office Hours
8:00 a.m. -  4:30 p.m.

District Office Staff
John Rinehart, Superintendent
Shannan Eagen, Bookkeeper
Diana Summers, Bookkeeper

Elementary School
1025 Washington Street
Weston, MO  64098
P:  816-640-2811
F:  816-386-5888

Elementary Office Staff
Rebecca Henshaw, Principal
Dana Buttz, Administrative Assistant

High School
935 Washington Street
Weston, MO  64098
P:  816-640-2292
F:  816-386-2293

High School Office Staff
Vincent Matlick, Principal
Ryan Ramey, Vice Principal
Dana Roe, Administrative Assistant
Vanessa Nower, Administrative